Jason Jimenez

"I'm still running the same 3.8 I had last year on my high 1200whp setup and now mid 1400hp setup, close to 9k miles now and I beat the s*** out of my car. Tien had an insane amount of miles on his BLGTR 1300 before he upgraded, like 14k or something. Both of our cars were built by Boost Logic."


“All is can say is great great great…. I dont want this to sound like an ass kissing session but that’s what this area is called- “Vendor Reviews”, good or bad. I hear some problems with other people and their vendors, not here at all. Every time I call, email etc., [they] always answer.
Just purchased a turbo set, SD kit and fuel pumps… Showed [up] exactly correct and just when I was told. I own my own business as well and deal with my customers all day everyday, ([I have] taken two 30 min lunch breaks in 8 years). This is a huge deal to me and now I know why my customers like to deal with me directly. Could not ask for better customer service. They KEPT THE PROMISES THAT WERE MADE. That’s a huge deal to me.”

Mike Behan

“Two years since I picked up my car and joined the BL fam. Zohair is so easy to work with and responsive. [I am] posting a positive review for a well run business and great asset to our community.”

Eric Feely

“I can’t begin to explain what It is like to own a car with so much f***ing power. It’s seriously insane. You really can’t explain it to someone. It’s on a whole different level of fast. I have taken my friends for rides and they just can’t believe the power!!! I laughed because one of my buddy’s flies by planes and does aerial stunts, jumps out of planes, etc. and he said nothing scares me except for your car.
Boost Logic has a lot of amazing things up their sleeve for future builds. It’s really awesome to become part of the Boost Logic team and community of drivers/customers. I highly encourage anyone that may be considering any size build from 600-2000whp to give Boost Logic serious consideration, and put them at the very top of your list. I have done a boatload of research and have been on this forum for years and have seen the good, the bad, and the ugly. Trust me… you will not go wrong with these guys.
Another thing to mention is I hung out with Zohair for a while and he is a really genuinely cool guy and consider him a friend. As far as building a GTR, he is a perfectionist and will not turn over the keys until he know that car is 100%.”

Chris Leboeuf

“Truth is that doing business with Boost Logic is so damn easy to do and Zohair and Joe are always there to answer any questions or concerns that you have right away. They have truly become friends of mine as well and there’s nothing better than having a friend that is also your tuner to be there when and if you ever need anything. As far as for the quality of the builds, well, its damn near flawless, and the finished product looks like it could have come from the factory; the way everything is coated and symmetrical is just plain perfect. I can’t say enough about them myself. Congrats Eric and Great Job Boost Logic.”


“Had our car [sent] in to Boost logic for an upgraded fuel system, E85 tune, and LC5 on our 09 GTR. They have done everything on our car so far and to date we haven’t had one issue with anything.
As always we had great work from them.
Hit 613whp and the curve was great so the torque wouldn’t be too hard on the rods. Justin over there does insane tuning work. We went out and had some fun with it and it’s like an all new car in terms of the shifting and E85. Smooth as ever to the point my wife in the passenger seat couldn’t tell I was even shifting. Car pulls like an absolute monster now.
Now we just need more E85 stations up in the area.
Thanks Justin, Zohair, and team!”
“I just wanted to give a public shout out to the guys at Boost Logic. We had their downpipes, y-pipes, intake pipes, and tune done. Car rips. The service was awesome and the advice was great. I’m very glad they are local. I would recommend them to anyone! They surely know their GTR’s inside and out.”


“I spoke to Zohair in depth before bringing the car down… asking him questions about different modifications, pricing, which ones I may or may not want based on performance for the dollar, safety, etc. He was very patient and thorough and I felt confident I had made the right decisions on modifications for my goals currently.
They finished the car up in a week. It runs like a champ… the power levels are night and day. I can’t wait to bring the car to the track… and everything has been top notch so far. Very very happy I chose BL and I will continue to reward them with my future business.”


“Boost Logic has had a long standing as being one of the best in the business.. They have done well by me in every way and I couldn’t thank them enough.”


“Had the pleasure of spending the day @BoostLogic yesterday while they changed diff + tranny fluid. 2.5 hr drive well worth the miles (all state hwy roads w/posted 70 mph speed limit vs interstate added to the enjoyment) to have a shop that appreciates customers and toys. Looking forward to the next chance I get to make the drive and spend time with the BL crew.”


“Well, its been 8 months since I received my BL1500 in Kuwait from BL headquarters in the US and its been nothing but joy and fun.
The car saw it all (street racing, road course, half mile races..etc). It also came back with a trophy from the half mile race in Qatar (many teams from neighboring countries participated) which was not planned at all.”
“At the end, I would like to thank Boostlogic and Tuning Concepts for building and tuning such fun machines. Our cars, the BL750 and BL1500, ran with no hiccups or problems. We run them hard, we race, and we do our basic maintenance. That is all we do to our cars. I would do this build again if I was taken back in time without an ounce of hesitation.
Thanks Zohair, thanks Justin, and thumbs up to the whole BL crew.”

Customer from Dubai

“Bought full engine parts from this company from Pistons to Turbos! Very high quality of the parts and finishing as well!!! This is one of the best company I have been dealing with! Excellent customer service and support after purchase! Highly recommend dealing with these guys!! Thank you.”


“Gotta love the no headaches and reliability of a car built by Boost Logic.”