1310 HP Boost Logic BL1300 Nissan R35 GT-R Hits the streets

Just finished up Michael's 2014 Black Edition R35 Nissan GTR BL1300 Build. We managed to set a new BL1300 HP record on our in house dyno with 1310 WHP and 1041 TQ. I want to thank Mike for letting us work on his amazing ride and we hope to see track times very soon!


Boost Logic BL1300 Performance Package Build Specs Boost Logic BL1300 R35 Nissan GTR Turbo Kit Boost Logic Spec R35 Nissan GTR 3.8 L Motor Boost Logic R35 Nissan GTR Stage 1 Heads ShepTrans R35 Nissan GTR Stage 4 GR6 Transmission Tuned on E85 with Cobb Accessport.