Al-Anabi & Boost Logic Team up to go 7's!

The Al-Anabi Racing/Boost Logic BLGTR 1500+ Build 8.23 at 183.6 MPH - with more to come!

Earlier this year Zohair Jaffery of Boost Logic and The Royal Highness Sheikh Khalid Hamad of Qatar's Al-Anabi Racing discussed the possibility of Boost Logic building a Nissan GTR, but not just any GTR - the sole purpose was to make The Royal Highness' GTR be the world's quickest and fastest GTR. At the time of discussions, Boost Logic's highest package was the BLGTR 1500 Package, which was already outfitted on a number of street cars in the United States and around the world. Typically, the majority of our customers with high-horsepower builds concentrate on highway racing. Moreover, they like to keep their actual vehicles performance figures less than public knowledge. The Royal Highness Sheikh Khalid Hamad of Qatar wanted a GTR that would run down the quarter mile at blistering speeds and showcase top end power at the Qatar Mile event. Coincidentally, Boost Logic had a head start on its modified shop GTR, which was ready for a full makeover.

Upon commencement of the build, Boost Logic's goal was to build a car which utilized parts off our shelves - parts that can be shipped to any of our customers across the world, along with developing innovative and neoteric parts along the way. Not only would The Royal Highness Sheikh Khalid Hamad of Qatar's GTR propel R35 Development and innovations, but it would also foster the advancement of future builds for our loyal customers as well. The Royal Highness' GTR needed to be incredibly and exceptionally powerful, but also be steadfast for developing a groundbreaking platform. When one embarks on this undertaking, one must have a reliable engine to make consistent power. This reliable engine is also needed in order to develop all of the components around it. Boost Logic's 4.1 Race Shortblock was chosen for the task. The Race Shortblock featured Boost Logic's block strengthening and fully optioned stroker kit. The heads were modified with a custom port and polish by Dave at Headgames. Further, these heads were assembled with Ferrea valvetrain and custom spec camshafts.

The Turbo Kit, Intercooler, and Intercooler Piping were all Boost Logic off-the-shelf BLGTR 1500 components. One of the reasons we used these parts was to gain exposure with our continuous followers for them to have to knowledge that these are versatile parts that other high-speed fanatics outfit in their cars, as well as use as optimal daily drivers. We specified this as a BLGTR 1500+ Package because the exhaust dump pipes. These were chosen for their weight savings, especially since we wanted to run this GTR for the quarter mile.

Next came Boost Logic's lineup of custom parts designed for specifically for drag racing. Running mid 7s in our Supra over 5 years ago, we used our experience with racing a heavy 6 cylinder turbo car to highlight the R35's need for a small brake kit, a solid engine, and transmission mounts. All of these components are run on The Royal Highness' red GTR, and have quite a few advantages at elevated power levels and for those in search for the quickest ETs.

In May, we went to the track. With traction limited, we ran a high 8 at just over 180 MPH. High horsepower cars have always been our specialty and interest, so it came as no surprise that our first trip netted quite a phenomenal result. Al-Anabi's in-house tuner, Mariyan "Mario" Pavlovic, flew to Austin, Texas from Doha, Qatar to test the car. In addition, we had Al-Anabi's Chad Morgan arrive in Austin from South Dakota drive the car. At the time, we were running a Pro-Efi in conjunction with the stock ECU. The ECU was tuned by Christopher Delgado - also known as the Pro-Efi master. Unfortunately, due to poor weather conditions, we ran out of time at the track. This was also the same time that our Texas summer started rolling in, and therefore we decided to set the car aside until the climate in Central Texas cooled down. As many of you are aware, the weather throughout the summertime in Texas is highly unfriendly and unfavorable for racing.

Plans changed a bit as fall approached; Al-Anabi was now the exclusive Motec dealer for the Middle East. Likewise, the M1 is now released and ready. Mario wanted to run the M1 on the GTR to highlight the M1's latest technology and develop the M1 R35 kit to work with the highest of horsepower applications. When Mario came to Austin in September, we had the M1 installed and waiting for him. The M1's phenomenal performance fired our goal of having the fastest GTR. Our team was astounded with the capability of Motec's latest creation. Boost Logic's enthusiasm about the M1 has escalated and we are very eager to have more Motec-equipped R35s on the road and on the track.

In late September, the Al-Anabi/ Boost Logic GTR was now making more power and running on a 16" Hoosier Tire. The Boost Logic and Al-Anabi team made their first trip to the track with MPH gain and a quicker ET. However, the ET numbers were still not quite meeting our expectations. Regrettably, the local track was ill-prepped and had predominately raced with street cars. This caused us to be severely traction limited. The decision was made to equip the car with the 15" Wheel and Tire Package that we had intended to do with our Brake Kit. The Al-Anabi chassis experts Chad Morgan and Greg Johnson made quick work and completed the 15" Wheel setup. We will be releasing this, alongside many more parts, for our customers around the world to continue to push their cars. We were able to sneak in one small test session before the Al-Anabi guys had to return to prep cars for their racing season. The Boost Logic team also had to prepare to head to Ennis, Texas to test the GTR. In Ennis, on our first full pass, we ran a 8.23 at 183.6 MPH. We were happy with the results, but still knew there was much more left as this was only a 1.4X 60'. We ran a few more passes which were in the 1.3X 60' territory, but unfortunately couldn't make full passes. This was due to some Motec development we were still diligently working on. By the time we were ready to make full passes again, the track had become greasy. Hooking our power was an impossibility. Happy with the baseline runs made that day, we knew the car was ready for a good track and cooler weather. This week, the GTR boarded a cargo plane en route to Qatar to continue its life becoming quicker and a more magnificent GTR. First and foremost, Zohair Jaffery and the entire Boost Logic team would like to thank The Royal Highness Sheikh Khalid Hamad of Qatar for having us build this car for him. This car has given us the opportunity to show off our abilities and push the R35 platform. The Royal Highness and the entire Al-Anabi team are an incredible group of enthusiasts who devote their lives to motorsports. It is a privilege and honor to be work with such experienced members of the automotive community. Moreover, experiencing a Top Fuel Dragster is the most mesmerizing experience in motorsports. It is highly recommended to check out a NHRA event if one ever has the opportunity to do so.

One of the greatest feats of this project has been our motor program. Between tuning and testing on 2 ECUs, various street and strip testing, the Boost Logic engine has held up perfectly. This is the same engine in all of our BLGTR 1500 Packages and also in our soon to be released packages with much more HP. Our Sleeving and Block Reinforcement program has been in place from the first motor we built in 2010 and we have yet to have a cracked block ever.Our team at Boost Logic has done a phenomenal job on this project. Shop lead John Tezak has been instrumental in our new part development and is the man behind assembling the red GTR. Head fabricator Joe D is the man behind the welds and we are ecstatic to display to the public our latest and greatest projects. David Garner, Joe Lamb, and Roman Katsev are highly committed players in our success and greatly dedicate their time and efforts whenever and however it is needed. Boost Logic is a small company and has had monumental growth over the past years. With the newest additions to our staff and operations support, we are looking forward to doing more work than ever for the GTR platform and others. Zohair would like to send his many heartfelt thanks and appreciation to Joseph Lopez, Phillip James, and Fran for their help in shooting and developing our videos and media works. A huge thanks to Sean Ivey for the transmission - it is his Stage 4 trans and it has happily taken quite the beating.

Stay tuned for more updates on this car... and some other projects which feature our latest high hp packages!