1100HP 2014 GTR Package Complete!

Are you looking for a GTR that offers a thrill of sheer speed and torque but could still offer a quiet and reliable car to take out on a weekend or even just drive it to work? This package offers an extreme rush of power and torque while still delivering a quiet conversation in the cabin of the car. Using Dodson's newest "quiet" revision to the Promax Clutch that gets rid of the whine and can still handle over 1300HP to the wheels. The 1100HP Package is always customizable to your needs and we strive to accommodate all the requests you might have when building a high horsepower GTR. Here is a mod list of what the car got installed: Boost Logic HTA30R Turbo Kit Boost Logic Stage 3.5 Transmission Upgrade for R35 GTR (900TQ):

  • PPG 1st Gear
  • Dodson Promax clutch QUIET PROMAX
  • Dodson FWD retainer
  • Dodson Mechanical lock #1
  • Dodson Mechanical lock #2
  • O-ring and seal upgrade kit
  • Oil pump shaft upgrade with blueprint
  • 6 neodymium magnets
  • High temp rear differential oil seal
  • Stainless re-usable internal filter

Cobb Accessport HKS Spark Plugs Boost Logic 3.8L Built Shortblock *NEW* Boost Logic Triple Pump Fuel System Boost Logic Oil Cooler Kit Boost Logic Street Intercooler Kit w/ Piping Boost Logic Crank Damper Boost Logic Street Head Package:

  • Ferrea Valves
  • Ferrea Valve Seals
  • Ferrea Valve Guides
  • Ferrea Valve Springs
  • Ferrea Seat Locators
  • Ferrea Valve Locks
  • Ferrea TI Retainers
  • Custom 264 Duration Camshafts

Boost Logic 4" Hyper Quiet Exhaust System T1 Differential Brace Boost Logic Transmission Pan Boost Logic Coolant Tank Boost Logic Race Breather Kit Boost Logic Intake Manifold This kit is quite a simple build and has a lead time of 6-7 weeks once the car is delivered on site. We can offer transportation from anywhere in the USA at no additional cost.