1500HP 2009 GTR Kuwaiti Monster

Boost Logic has had many high horsepower builds from the Supra, Lexus, Porsche, Lambo, GTR and more but in this select situation with a long history with a loyal customer Fawaz Almansour we wanted to create a special car for a special customer. "I have known Fawaz for years as he went to school here in Austin, Tx and owned a beautiful Supra." Stated Zohair, CEO of Boost Logic. "Being a true gearhead, we did various revisions on the Supra with different turbos, clutches, etc to always try new parts and explore the latest and greatest parts on the market. This concluded with a monumental build on his Supra where we customized every last piece of the car with a Aimsports Dash, the coolest headlights a Supra has ever seen, Custom Sparco Seats, crazy turbo setup that made 1200whp, spools very quick (compared to other 1200whp Supras) and was a quiet cruising vehicle". Explains Zohair. "This build was intended to be shipped back to Kuwait when Fawaz returned however stringent Kuwaiti importation laws didn't allow us to send a car this old overseas. We unfortunately had to sell the car but being the optimist, Fawaz simply looked forward to the perfect build on a GTR we could use to replace the Supra." With the deepest of sincerity, Zohair expressed.

Boost Logic decided to search for a low mile/mint 09 GTR to start a new project for Fawaz. After searching for a few months and passing on numerous cars we found a '09 Titanium GTR in Kentucky. Fawaz really liked the Titanium because its rarity so this was a strong contestant. I called a friend of mine to go check the car out and give me a full inspection. Upon passing the inspection we purchased the car, arranged transportation to our facility and starting planning the build. Fawaz wanted the maximum power we could make in a perfectly streetable car and had a particular request, he wanted the car to feel like a high end GT car which has a sporty exhaust note, but would still allow one to have a quiet cabin. We designed a custom muffler solution which we will soon release in our 4" exhaust system that retains a very quiet cabin for optimal driver comfort.

Fawaz's 1500HP Monster had quite a mix of components as followed:

  • Boost Logic 4.1 Liter Race Shortblock with Custom Sleeves and Block Strengthening
  • Boost Logic Race Ported and Polished Head with Custom Spec Cams
  • Boost Logic Crank Pulley
  • Boost Logic Head Studs
  • Boost Logic BLGTR 1500 Spec Turbo Kit
  • Boost Logic 4" Exhaust System with Custom Touring Spec Muffler
  • Boost Logic Custom Sound Deadening
  • Boost Logic Race Intercooler
  • Boost Logic Intake Manifold
  • Boost Logic Catch Can Kit
  • Cobb AP
  • FBM Surgetank Setup
  • Custom Quick disconnect Fuel Drain Hose
  • ID2000 Injectors with Boost Logic Fuel Rails
  • Sheptrans Stage 4 with Boost Logic Transmission Pan
  • HKS Transmission Cooler
  • 18" Forgestar CF5 Wheels
  • 20" Forgestar F14 Wheels
  • Tuning Concepts Tune

This car makes well over 1350whp (the exact numbers I will keep private for the customer) on C16 and a little over 900whp on our pump gas. With the success of shipping the complete GTR project now in Fawaz's hands, Boost Logic felt like we finally accomplished what was intended many years ago.