The Boost Logic Formula Series Titanium Exhaust System is the ultimate upgrade for McLaren 720 owners who demand the best in performance and style. This exhaust system is expertly crafted from racing grade titanium, providing exceptional durability and reduced weight compared to standard systems. The multi-tube design of this system creates a high pitched engine tone that sets your McLaren apart from the rest, while also reducing drone for a more refined driving experience.

The Boost Logic Formula Series Titanium Exhaust System is designed for performance, with each component carefully engineered to increase flow and maximize power. The multi-tube design ensures optimal exhaust flow, increasing horsepower and torque for an overall improved driving experience. Additionally, the racing grade titanium construction of the system provides improved heat dissipation, which helps to keep your engine running at peak performance levels.

Experience the pinnacle of performance and style with the Boost Logic Formula Series Titanium Exhaust System for your McLaren 720. Whether you’re a track day enthusiast or simply looking to upgrade your daily driver, this exhaust system is the perfect addition to your vehicle. The combination of premium materials, cutting-edge design, and expert engineering make this system the ultimate choice for the discerning McLaren 720 owner.

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