Tutorial For Modifying Valve Spring On Boost Logic Titanium Valved Exhaust

The following instructions should be performed by and experienced individual while wearing the proper safety equipment.

Since each of our titanium exhausts have been hand welded, some valved versions have experienced a small flutter/rattle. This can easily be remedied by applying slight pressure on the valve itself.

This can be done by modifying the same springs that are currently installed. The spring must be bent open at an exact angle to apply the required pressure to maintain the valved fully open or closed.

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Make sure to where safety goggles. Securely place the valve spring in a bench vise. Make sure it is nice and tight so that the spring doesn’t pop of the vise.

Insert a large flat head screwdriver or pry bar in between the spring top and bottom exactly as pictured here. 

Carefully apply leverage outward while pivoting on the vice as pictured.

Please note the direction you are bending the spring in conjunction with the part of the spring placed in the vise. 

If done correctly the spring should now look like this. 

If it does not then you may have to apply more pressure until you have expanded the spring to this angle. 

Once you have a spring that looks like this you are ready to pop it back onto the valve mechanism on your exhaust. 

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